Improving research designs, data efficiency and information for decision-making

Statistics for Sustainable Development (Stats4SD) is a not-for-profit, social enterprise established in May 2016. We promote better use of statistical methods for decision making to benefit society and the environment. To achieve this, we advise on:

  • The use of statistical tools in the real world
  • Data engineering, analysis and associated information technology
  • Effective and efficient use of research methods
  • Generation of information products derived from data

We work with partners throughout the world, supporting sustainable development processes. Much of our work takes place in developing countries. However our areas of work are not determined by geography but by the contribution we can make. We charge for these services to cover our costs but we do not make a profit. Any surpluses from our operations are invested in promoting better use of statistics and capacity building.

We recently published our 2018 Annual Report. You can read the full document here

We currently have a vacancy for a Statistics Intern. Find out more here.

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