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The Stats4SD resources collection is a curated selection of materials that support good practice, research and learning in the broad range of topics relevant to our work.

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This page contains our ever-growing collection of the guides, tools, videos, papers and other items that we use and recommend to others. It includes both items produced by our team, and selected links to items from outside sources that we endorse and believe users would find helpful.

Topics includes research methods, statistical concepts and data handling, as well as specialised areas related to our work with partners, such as agroecology and farmer-led agricultural research.

We maintain this repository because we want everyone to be able to access and benefit from the resources we have collected. To this end, the vast majority of items in the collection are shared under permissive Creative Commons or other open licences. Please refer to individual materials and listings for specific copyright details.

We regularly update this collection, and you can hear about major updates by signing up to our mailing list.