National Meteorological Services

We work in partnership with national meteorological services, intermediary users of meteorological information, and with farmers, to help translate historical meteorological data into information that can be used to manage risk and improve adaptation in the face of climate change.

In collaboration with the Voluntary Co-operation Programme of the UK Met Office, we have supported the development of Climsoft, a software suite for storing climatic data in a secure and flexible manner and for extracting useful information from the data. We believe that without well organised and easily accessible historical climatic data, we are missing an important piece to understand and manage local risks associated with short-term climatic variability and long-term climate change.

In partnership with colleagues from the University of Reading, we have contributed to the development of PICSA (Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture) which is being used in several African countries and Guyana.

Capacity Building

We also have Statistics in Applied Climatology (eSIAC) as an open educational resource to increase capacity in this area.