These are the main areas in which we work and some examples


Supporting Research

We use our academic knowledge and practical experience to seek out real-world solutions for our clients. We aim to support researchers so that they can use statistics to better meet their project objectives and make valid conclusions from their work.

Statistical Support for Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide statistical support for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of development interventions by providing inputs throughout the data chain. We focus on:

  • Developing monitoring and evaluation strategies
  • Efficient sampling design
  • Survey instrument design with inbuilt quality assurance
  • In-country and remote training and support for fieldwork teams
  • Effective data collection and processing (including mobile data collection with Open Data Kit)
  • Data analysis / statistics using a wide variety of methods and software
  • Targeted information products (reports, dashboards, applications)

Capacity Building

Capacity building is central to the objectives of Stats4SD, and our team members are committed to supporting it as part of our contribution to international development. As part of this, we decided in 2007 to share all our training resources as Open Educational Resources (OER) under a Creative Commons licence. We have a special emphasis in enhancing skills of people working in international development and in supporting increased capacity at institutional level.

Innovation and Technology

We build systems and services that allow for rich data cycles, supporting a wide variety of information needs. Our open-source platforms and development allow for innovative collection, processing and feedback of information.


We specialise in national meteorological services and historical data. The software that we have developed as part of our e-learning and capacity building is applicable to these areas. We work in a number of countries across Africa and the Caribbean, helping researchers and farmers to calculate risk and plan effectively.