eSIAC: Statistics in Applied Climatology

Statistics in Applied Climatology (eSIAC) training courses give people working with climatic data the skills they need to use historical datasets effectively. With such skills, people can produce relevant, tailored outputs that, in turn, enable end-users to make better decisions.

The eSIAC programme is an innovative, web-based, e-learning venture which has been developed to make the SIAC training more widely available – both to NMS (National Meteorological Service) staff, and to climatic data users in other sectors.

eSMS: Statistics Made Simple

Statistics Made Simple (eSMS) is an innovative online training programme designed especially for those who are starting their research, or who are involved in development projects involving data collection and analysis.

The programme has been developed by a group of experts within the SSC in response to a growing need for statistics training that focuses on the practical application of statistics. The goal is for participants to learn how best to derive meaning from their data, which involves understanding more than just the theory of statistical analysis.